What is a hookah pen? Learn About Its Basics And Master It!

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What is a hookah pen? For many around the world, smoking is a favorite past time. Not only does it calm their nerves, it helps them to while away time in-between tasks, meetings or during free time. Over the years, people have smoked many devices. Examples of these are hookahs, pipes, cigars and cigarettes. The most common among these are cigarettes. Their distinctive shape, size and smell is known around the world. For a long time, these smoking devices have enjoyed no significant competition until now.

What is a hookah pen?

Technological advancement has resulted in gadgets such as e-cigarettes, vaporizers and hookah pens. They are narrow, tubular, pen-like devices that use a heat conduction mechanism to vaporize a special liquid and release vapor containing flavor, nicotine or both. Out of these devices, the most colorful is the hookah pen. It is also regarded as one of the safer options since most hookah pens do not contain the addictive compound of tobacco, nicotine. Are you wondering “What is a hookah pen?” Read on to discover more.

Discover the hookah pen

In the most simple terms, a hookah pen is an electronic vaporizer which turns a special e-liquid into flavored smoke. The hookah pen contains an LED bulb, a battery, a microprocessor, air-flow sensor, heater, cartridge or e-liquid tank and a case to hold all these individual parts together.

How does it work?

When you take a drag from a hookah pen, the sensor notices your action and activates a heater which vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge. The amount of heat produced by the heater is controlled by a microprocessor such that it is not too hot or too cold. The steam or vapor from the vaporized e-liquid is then released through a special hole where you put your lips to inhale. This delivers the smoke to you.

If you are wondering about the power source as you ask yourself “What is a hookah pen?” The entire system is powered by an on-board battery. In addition to that, the battery also powers an LED bulb at the other end of the hookah pen. This bulb lights up when you inhale. While it is entertaining to watch this LED, some hookah pens do not have this feature. This is the general structure of a hookah pen. It is similar to that of an e-cigarette with differences only in the dimensions of the device and content of the cartridge. Hookah pens are larger and longer than regular e-cigarettes. Also, they are more decorated because they have interesting, psychedelic neon colors on their casings.

How do hookah pens taste?

To inform those asking themselves, “What is a hookah pen?” One of the most appealing features of these gadgets is how they taste. They are available in various flavors. Each cartridge is filled with an e-liquid that has a specific flavor. As such, you can pick the one which tantalizes your taste buds the most. Examples of flavors which you can get include fruit punch, grape, watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, apple and banana. Most of the flavored e-liquids have no nicotine within them. However, if you desire to feel the effect of nicotine, you can buy a hookah pen that contains this stimulant.

How much do you pay for a hookah pen?

Do you have price in mind as you wonder, “What is a hookah pen?”Just like any other electronic product, the price of a hookah pen depends on the manufacturer. Some pens are expensive while others are affordable. The build quality, materials and longevity of the hookah pen all contribute to the overall price of a unit.

How long does a hookah pen last?

The length of time that this device lasts is measured according to the number of puffs that it will deliver over its lifetime. Majority of hookah pens have a lifetime of between 400 to 500 puffs. There are some which have many more puffs than that. Each puff is estimated to be one second of inhaling the vapor from a hookah pen. A rule of thumb is that the more puffs it can offer, the better the hookah pen.


Popularized by celebrities in their movies and music videos, hookah pens are the latest craze in the vaporizer industry. They are fashionably designed and have a huge variety of flavors. Some of the manufacturers even allow you to create your own flavor mix as you buy a unit. They are much safer than cigarettes because they have no tar or nicotine in the vapor they release. If you are asking yourself, “What is a hookah pen?” The guideline above can answer your question. This information is highly beneficial if you intend to invest in a unit for your own enjoyment.