How to use a hookah pen? If You Don’t You’ve Come To The Right Place

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One of the most trendy ways to spend your leisure time today is to calmly puff on a hookah pen. This electronic gadget is quickly replacing the cigarette among the masses of smoking enthusiasts. The hookah pen works using the same technical principles of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. These devices simply heat up a special e-liquid solution resulting in vapor which could be plain, flavored or contain nicotine. A hookah pen is a little larger than an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. It also looks different because it has colorful, neon decorations on its surface reminiscent of psychedelic music from the 1970s. Electronic hookahs contain an e-liquid solution which has no nicotine. However, it is made aromatic using using tobacco-based flavors. They make the experience of smoking the hookah pen more pleasant. Here is more about the device and a guideline for those wondering, “How to use a hookah pen?”

What is a hookah pen made of?

Fior those wondering, “how to use a hookah pen?” The internal structure of a hookah pen is similar to that of a vaporizer. It contains features such as a battery, a heating coil which is also known as an atomizer and an e-liquid tank which is known as a cartomizer. Hookah pens are available as disposable or refillable units at different prices.

The companies which manufacture hookah pens try their best to replicate the experience of smoking a real-life hookah. However, not all of them are able to accomplish this feat. When you do get your hands on an authentic hookah pen that satisfies your desires, here is how to experience the answer to the question, “how to use a hookah pen?”

How to use a hookah pen

The first step in using a hookah pen is to get rid of the seal and rubber plug on the new device. After that, get rid of the packaging and have it in your hands. After that, inspect the pen for any scratches, dents or holes in its structure. While the likelihood of a brand new hookah pen having any holes or dents in it is low, you should still inspect the unit for such issues.

They are often brought about by improper handling by third-party delivery companies bringing you the product from the manufacturer. If you do find some imperfections, you should send it back to your location of purchase and request a replacement or refund. Learners wondering “how to use a hookah pen?” Should know that it is dangerous to use a faulty hookah pen since it contains electronic parts that present an electrocution hazard.

After ensuring that your hookah pen is robust, simply put it to your mouth and inhale. Modern hookah pens are designed such that they detect when you inhale through the designated end. They are made such that one end of the pen is closed while the other has a hole where you can put your lips and inhale. The moment you make that action, the hookah pen discharges clean vapor for your enjoyment.


After learning all about, “how to use a hookah pen?” you will gradually get comfortable with the device and even learn how to perform some amazing smoke tricks. There is a huge variety of hookah pens for you in the market. You can pick out your favorite colors or flavors and enjoy.