Are Hookah Pens Bad For You? Answering The Most Common Questions

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Are Hookah Pens Bad For You? With the huge amount of coverage that hookah pens get nowadays, surely most of us have heard of them. These pen sized devices are proving to be a popular alternative to the conventional cigarettes. They are battery powered and use flavored liquid filled in cartridges to produce vapor. The best part about hookah pens is that the vapor produced by hookah pens is devoid of any toxins like carbon monoxide or that are present in the smoke of the cigarettes.

Are Hookah Pens Bad For You?

Moreover, they contain lesser nicotine compared to cigarettes, which is an addictive stimulant that is found in normal cigarettes, therefore, there is a lesser chance of you getting addicted to hookah pens. Hookah pens are therefore able to provide you with the best of both worlds, you get to smoke but without the health hazards commonly associated with conventional cigarettes.

So without further ado, we’ve listed some points on which we’ll discuss whether hookah pens are good or bad for us.

1. Can Hookah Pens Produce Nicotine?

Hookah pens are very well capable of producing nicotine. But the good side is that other than nicotine, hookah pens completely eliminate other harmful toxins found in conventional cigarettes. Also, hookah pens leave no smoke remains which is unknowingly inhaled by other people in the vicinity. Although some people do argue that absorption levels of nicotine are increased by hookah pens.

As most of you already know, nicotine is a very addictive substance, and most liquids that can be purchased for hookah pens contain varying levels of nicotine. Therefore, hookah pens aren’t capable of eliminating smoking addiction of smokers. Furthermore, due to the large variety of tastes and colors of hookah liquids available, it is very attractive for the younger people and will eventually increase smokers in the country.

Although there are some liquids available which claim to be nicotine free, there is no hard evidence available to prove that hookah pens can be effective in helping chain smokers quit smoking. If you are using hookah pens be sure to buy only quality products because unqualified products can put you in many dangerous conditions.

2. Side Effects Relating To Hookah Pens

Some researchers have conducted studies and found that there are certain long and short term side effects associated with hookah pens.

In short term, the vapors can lead to an increment in the chances of you getting viral respiratory infections. As far as long term use is concerned, high levels of nano particles can be found in vapors produced by hookah pens, which can lead to inflammation and further trigger dangerous conditions like stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

3. Need To Be Taken Care Around Teens And Children

Hookah Pens need to be kept out of the reaches of teens and children because they are most prone to be attracted to and trying them.

We need to be extra careful when it comes to small children. Many cases have been reported of small children accidentally eating the hookah pen’s liquid cartridges. All parts of the hookah pens, including the nicotine liquid cartridges, need to be kept far away from the reaches of small children. If by bad luck, a small child does ingest some liquid cartridge, call the poison control right that instant.

Also just like conventional cigarettes, hookah pens are illegal for purchase and usage by people under 18.


Now you may be asking if hookah pens are bad for you. Well, to answer that, there is no definite or clear answer. On one hand hookah pens have its fair share of disadvantages but when compared to conventional cigarettes, you will see that conventional cigarettes come with these disadvantages too. Furthermore, conventional cigarettes have their own disadvantages as well which do not apply to hookah pens like burning of tobacco which releases very harmful smoke with toxins like carbon monoxide and tar. This smoke can easily make you smell bad and change how people interact with you.

Furthermore, most of the public places have strict no smoking rules when it comes to conventional tobacco filled cigarettes, but some of these places do allow hookah pens. They help you save costs because you don’t need to keep buying cigarette packs, you just need to buy the hookah pen once and from there on, you just need to buy liquid cartridges.

We can conclude that hookah pens are very good alternatives to conventional cigarettes or tobacco hookahs. Although it may not be the “100% healthy smoking solution with no disadvantages ” that people claim it to be, its disadvantages are far less severe when compared to conventional cigarettes.

Well, there you have it, our brief about whether hookah pens are bad for you or not. Hope this answered all your questions, but if you still have some questions in mind, be sure to leave a comment down below!