What is a hookah pen? For many around the world, smoking is a favorite past time. Not only does it calm their nerves, it helps them to while away time in-between tasks, meetings or during free time. Over the years, people have smoked many devices. Examples of these are hookahs, pipes, cigars and cigarettes. The most common among these are cigarettes. Their distinctive shape, size and smell is known around the world. For a long time, these smoking devices have enjoyed no significant competition until…Continue Reading “What is a hookah pen? Learn About Its Basics And Master It!”

One of the most trendy ways to spend your leisure time today is to calmly puff on a hookah pen. This electronic gadget is quickly replacing the cigarette among the masses of smoking enthusiasts. The hookah pen works using the same technical principles of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. These devices simply heat up a special e-liquid solution resulting in vapor which could be plain, flavored or contain nicotine. A hookah pen is a little larger than an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. It also looks different because…Continue Reading “How to use a hookah pen? If You Don’t You’ve Come To The Right Place”

Over the last few years, hookah pens have grown in popularity. A hookah pen looks like e-cigs and is commonly used for smoking flavored tobacco. It has a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The pen is portable and small enough to place in your pocket. Did you know that most novice hookah smokers have no idea how to choose a hookah pen? Overcoming this obstacle is quite easy. In this article, we’ve put together a short guide to help you make an informed purchasing…Continue Reading “How to choose a hookah pen, all the tips and instructions you need”

There are many benefits of using a hookah pen. Hookah pens are taking the smoking world by storm. Smokers are rapidly switching from the conventional cigarettes to hookah pens. The reason for its popularity is that it provides the same experience and satisfaction as a conventional cigarette without the health hazards that are commonly associated with cigarettes. Here we’ve listed benefits of using a hookah pen over a conventional cigarette. 1. Toxin Free One of the most important benefits of using a hookah pen over…Continue Reading “Benefits Of Using A Hookah Pen, All The Info You Should Know!”

Are Hookah Pens Bad For You? With the huge amount of coverage that hookah pens get nowadays, surely most of us have heard of them. These pen sized devices are proving to be a popular alternative to the conventional cigarettes. They are battery powered and use flavored liquid filled in cartridges to produce vapor. The best part about hookah pens is that the vapor produced by hookah pens is devoid of any toxins like carbon monoxide or that are present in the smoke of the…Continue Reading “Are Hookah Pens Bad For You? Answering The Most Common Questions”